Our First Baby Alpaca “Moonrise Danseur”

[Celebrating] “Moonrise Danseur”

The first Moonrise Baby alpaca has a name!

Thank you to everyone who offered such wonderful names for our first baby alpaca (a cria) born on Moonrise Farm!
The first two FB Friends to suggest “Danseur” were:
Elaine Pleiman- “Danseur, that is if he is a he. In honor of the Ballet going on during his birth.”
Chris Levandowski- “Danseur … In French, a male ballet dancer is referred to as a danseur … and he had his “first dance” during the Farm to Ballet performance that greeted him into the world 
Of course, we’d all call him Dan or Danny 

We love it! Moonrise Danseur and “Danny” for short. Many more pictures to come as he ventures outside with his mom to the summer pasture for the first time tomorrow. Many happy thoughts for you all this evening ~ John and Jen

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