James Petersen

james_petersenWhen the “Knitting Club” gets together for a Sheepover anything can happen!

My wife and I have been avidly following the adventures of Farmer John, Jennifer, Ollie, Sweat Pea, Mighty Finn, Sadie, Violet, Prem, Laddie, Quinn, Cyrano, Mazie and the rest of the farm for several years know. We just received our early-supporters box with books, lambs made from Sweat Pea’s wool and other goodies. John even gave us a copy to take to the elementary school library where my wife was Principal. (see photo- MMKA Librarians receive their own copy)

The book is a treasure. John’s photography and post-photography work is nothing short of brilliant. The book production is first rate and the neat thing is that the story and the characters are all real. In fact, John often invites supporters to his Vermont farm to meet the various animals we’ve all grown vicariously to love.

The grand-daughter is getting a copy and her own lamb for Christmas. Cannot recommend this book too highly.

James Petersen
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