Warren F. Kitzmiller

Best. Storybook. Ever.
This book is uniquely beautiful! The story of Sweet Pea and her barnyard friends who come to her aid when she is sick is delightfully written and illustrated. “Farmer John” has brought this to life with gorgeous photography Jennifer Churchman’s simple, but eloquent, writing makes this true story one that every child (and adult) will love. When Sweet Pea recovers, she throws a “sheepover” party for her “knitting club” and all the barnyard animals.

I’ve been to the farm and met Sweet Pea, Laddie and many of the other animals in the book. I got five copies for my grandchildren and friends, and Farmer John included a copy for my local library! I got special notecards, too! This book is a true treasure.
Warren F. Kitzmiller
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