FAQ’s: How do you get those images?

I get asked a lot how I get so many unique pictures of our animals around the farm.  It’s a pretty simple answer: I always have my camera with me.  When doing chores, taking a walk with the dogs or just out for a look around I get to see these wonderful moments and stories that unfold every day.  Below is a post from our Sweet Pea & Friends Facebook page back in March of 2015 that shows sometimes that is not as easy as it may sound! ~ Farmer John

10980165_913486022014992_6359090942424854940_oMarch 4, 2015 ·

I was out taking some pictures of the bottle lambs and Sweet Pea & Friends this morning and my wife Jennifer found it rather funny so took a picture. The little lambs are quite insistent about having more bottle and Laddie has decided that nobody is listening to him.

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