Look out! Here comes ‘Brave Little Finn’

On Wednesday,  the day after its publication, “Brave Little Finn,” was No. 1 on Amazon’s hot new releases book list in the Baby Animals category. The book by Vermonters John and Jennifer Churchman was climbing the charts of Amazon’s Farm Animals list, settled in the afternoon at No. 2.

“Brave Little Finn” is the second picture book by the Churchmans, who live on a farm in Essex. Their first book, “The SheepOver,” originally released last year as a self-published volume, became a New York Times bestseller.

The Churchmans’ books tell charming stories that are based on the real-life animals on their farm, Moonrise Farm. The new book is centered on Finn, a lamb who needed to be nurtured and raised in the Churchmans’ farmhouse. This meant feedings through the night, a baby animal wearing baby human diapers, and a little lamb hanging out by the fireplace with the dogs.

“We basically tube-fed him for about six weeks to keep him alive,” John Churchman said. “Every four hours. It was quite a time.”

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