Memory Lane: Little Finn’s Journey

10998306_914244228605838_5204926765522553370_o[ Little Finn’s Journey] Memories* March 5, 2015

Newborn Finn, feeling weak after his mother Blossom lost her ability to produce milk, came up to the farmhouse to be bottleĀ fed by Farmers John and Jennifer.

*We will be posting memories of Finn’s journey from newborn lamb to having his own children’s book thanks to the “Fans of Little Finn”. Enjoy the memories and welcome new followers!

~ Farmers John and Jennifer

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  1. Gorgeous tag Mandy, that tilda is a wee cutie. I love the TH Clock too…..and the wine looks good enough to drink lol. Ollie is beautiful, no wonder you were itching for a cuddle. Lucky you on your &qteo;littlu" bank deposit too xx

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